otago in greenery

Why the Trust Formed

We are a group of Alexandra residents with interests in wildlife conservation and community participation. We can see the community interest in conservation in Central Otago but the community has little opportunity to act. Therefore, in March 2005 we formed a charitable trust (Central Otago Ecological Trust) consisting of seven trustees and three advisors. The trust has partnerships with the Department of Conservation, Landcare Research, and the Central Stories Museum, and is supported by foundation members, donators, volunteers, and a range of professionals with specialist skills (Fig. 1).
More information about the trustees and trust advisors

Fig. 1. Structure and support of the Central Otago Ecological Trust

The Trust was formally launched by the then Prime Minister, Helen Clark, in November 2005. This event included the kind donation of six Otago skinks from captive breeders Mike Kean and Dennis Keall. The following pictures were taken during the launch. Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Associate Minister for the Environment Mahara Okeroa, Taare Bradshaw, and Huata Holmes blessing an Otago skink

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark holding an Otago skink

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark showing an Otago skink to children

The proposed Mokomoko Sanctuary site at the Department of Conservation’s Aldinga Conservation AreaSW