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The Central Otago Ecological Trust (COET) is running a community initiative to help save endangered native lizards from extinction, beginning with the Otago icons, the Otago and Grand skinks. These skinks are now confined to only 8% of their former range and require help to recover their numbers. They are now extinct in the Alexandra basin. To help save them, the Trust has built a small experimental predator-proof fence near Alexandra and successfully completed a pilot trial translocation of captive skinks to the site. Our intention is to re-establish a wild population in a larger area so the Trust has built a larger 14-ha fence and will introduce a range of native lizard species. We have been restoring the native vegetation within the fence for the past few years, and all predators have been eradicated. The fenced area is known as the Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary.

The Trust is seeking financial contributions either by way of donation or foundation membership subscription and has created a database of people interested in becoming members or providing assistance to COET in the future by donating time and materials.

We have working bees on a regular basis. These involve weeding and replanting of native plant species in areas where we plan to restore lizard communities. Come along and help - it's most rewarding!

We appreciate your support!

If you would like to assist in any way, or to find out more information about the trust, please print out and complete the Membership/Donation form or contact us at the following address:

Central Otago Ecological Trust
PO Box 282
New Zealand

Tel: +64-3-440 2936
Fax: +64-3-440 2931

Email Grant Norbury at: