The project will enhance community spirit, well-being and participation in a cause that is important for conservation and ultimately for regional growth. Benefits will accrue in many areas such as these priority groups listed in the 05/06 Southern Regional Plan:

  • YOUTH. Many of our Trustees are involved in youth projects with schools, sport and Maori issues. We will host regular school, Polytech and University visits to the Clyde Centre and the Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary to educate youth about the special biological character of Central Otago. We will encourage youth participation in ecosystem management and research from the onset.
  • DISABLED PEOPLE. An advisor to the Trust is profoundly deaf and is interested in undertaking postgraduate research for the Trust, and ultimately managing the education and propagation facility.
  • MAORI. One of our Trustees is the Maori representative for Central Otago. She advises the Trust on issues that are important for Maori people. For example, at the formal launch of our Trust, Maori elders and representatives from local runanga formally blessed and welcomed home nine Otago skinks to the Alexandra basin since the skinks became locally extinct 30 years ago.
  • OLDER PEOPLE. The Clyde Centre and the Sanctuary will be central to Alexandra, Clyde and Cromwell where there is a large retired community. We have been approached by many retired people who are inspired by what we are trying to achieve and who are eager to help.

Community benefits will also accrue in the areas of: