Skimpy the Skink

Pam Chapman (author of “Shrek the Sheep”) released her new children’s book “Skimpy the Skink” at the launch of the Mokomoko Dryland Sanctuary in November 2009. This beautiful book is illustrated by COET trustee, Derek Chinn, and tells the story of the plight of Otago skinks in the face of introduced predators. 

Pam has been promoting her book by visiting schools and early chilhood centres in Alexandra and Clyde to give away copies of the book.

Help raise the awareness of the Otago Skink by purchasing a copy of this book today. Skimpy the Skink is available for purchase from bookshops, Museums and the Department of Conservation.  It can also be ordered by calling Pam on 03 449 2265 or by emailing Grant Norbury on  RRP is $15 incl gst and postage. 

Skimpy Skink cover

Other Merchandise

skink tshirt

Otago Skink T-Shirts
Range of sizes and colours
RRP: Adults S, M, L, XL $29.90
RRP: Childrens 4, 6, 8 $23.50

wild central book

Wild Central - Discovering the Natural History of Central Otago
Neville Peat and Brian Patrick
RRP: $24.00

skink gift card

Otago Skink Gift Card
Designed by local artist Alan Waters
RRP: $4.20

paua lizard hanging

Paua Gecko Wall Hanging
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fridge magnet

Skink Magnet
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To order any of the above merchandise, visit or contact the Central Stories Museum in Alexandra.

Central Stories Building
21 Centennial Ave. Alexandra
PO Box 308, Alexandra 9340
Central Otago, New Zealand
Ph/fax: 03 448 6230